Friday, February 16, 2018

on the subject of the sac 6 drive ins 

the weirdest thing i saw

in the lot for cars

a portable swimming pool

filled with water

& two kids kitted out

with life vests & swimming goggles

nick & i drove past the sac 6 drive ins tonight & i wonder who would brave a california winter thursday night to see a movie under the stars

but sure as shit we saw lots of vehicles there

i love the drive ins these places are the happiest places on earth at least for this middle aged punk rocker

so i go to google to see what i can see for pics of my beloved sac 6 drive in theater

loads of pics inside the snack bar & out

how things have changed with mobile devices for you cannot stop people from whipping out their phones & snapping photos

but before mobile devices social media & broadband internet b. & i took our digital cameras to the sac 6 went inside the snack bar and started snapping away

we got a couple of pics before the manager stomped toward us & demanded we put our cameras away

we grew up at this drive in we protested we only want to preserve for posterity the beauty of its form before it is bulldozed out of our present era

our protestations were for nought the manager walked us to the door

the drive ins are still an endangered species but with the totality of mobile phones the managers could not police any pics taken

hence my recording of my delight in the abundance of photographs of the sac 6 drive ins

& my bemusement of what was once a digital novelty that was at the time shunned & ostracized 

zig zag man

i've lived in this city
all my life
50 years
and there are lots
of nooks and back streets
to be explored
i walk to and from work
i've been walking to and from
work for many many years
lately i am altering my route home
to break the monotony
to surprise myself
to discover those nooks
and back streets
my route is a straight line home
west to east
it takes about 45 minutes to complete
now i zig west to north to east
or zag west to south to east
or west to north then south
to east
following no set pattern
but the folly of my own feet
i get surprised too
e.g. i walked east on e st and 16th st
waiting for the light to change i looked
to my right
and saw h. salt esq. a  fish&chips shop
that went under so many years ago
and yet this h. salt esq. fish&chips shop
is lighted and open
where do they get their food and supplies
who owns and operates the shop
i had to turn south to walk
past the shop
it was filled with customers
again i walked past it tonight
going north on 16th st
there were no customers
i am anonymous
i see it all

Thursday, February 15, 2018

2 anti-haikus

another day another walk
it stopped raining

what's that you say
spring pollen

Friday, February 02, 2018

two didactic poems & one nihilist line



who gives a shit, it's your life

 And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
 Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

Thursday, February 01, 2018

life is a system of conveyances
and a series of mistakes
the question is always
how did i get here
make it real
make it your chance to fuck it up
know life by its bones
fuck it up real good

Thursday, January 25, 2018

antipoet nicanor parra is dead at 103
'i take back everything i said'

what more can i say but of course i'll say it.  for nicanor parra is an important poet in my life.  his antipoetry showed me that poetry can be made from the raw materials from slang, pop music and movie as much as it is made from hi culture.  parra is that most duchampian of poets whose thinking listed toward questioning our assumptions of what makes speech and who might own it whether it is spoken or written.  for all language is owned by everyone.  that which is uttered in air, or printed in ink or pixels, is made by everyone.

and yet, it is parra's singular ability to find the funny in even the most awful of things and times.  and brothers and sisters these are awful times.  these are also the best times to be alive and a creative person.  nicanor parra's long life and his work is proof of that.  the antipoet lived to be 103.  we were lucky to have him on earth for that long.

when i got my smart phone i wrote to a poet friend, another acolyte of antipoetry, that i think parra would've dug the new technology.  he could use it to record overheard speech and publish his antipoems directly via texts to friends and social media.  and i'm sure he would have had some choice words to say about such devices and social media.

maybe parra knew about smart phones and hated them.  that would be fitting for an antipoet too.  he's gone from us.  but there is no need to mourn.  parra lived a very long life for a human.  we have his antipoems.  that is more than enough.  consider it lucky that we lived at a time when nicanor parra was alive.

if you don't know parra's work you would do well to become acquainted with it.  if you don't care for his work, i'm sure that attitude would've been okay with parra too.  for when we speak and write we are all expressions of our own poetry and antipoetry.  our tasks as human beings is to avoid being assholes to each other, and keep it funny.


Sunday, January 21, 2018

'i saw the news today, oh boy'

& i thought we shall never have it as good as we had it today
for the shit is getting thick
& will get worse
destabilized climate
wealth inequality
surveillance state
AI & automation
the soon-to-be refugees by the millions
maybe we will have a few good
days months or years
maybe we'll get it together
come to love one another
but in the meantime
let's party like it's 1347
let's live as if we are already dead

Thursday, January 18, 2018

for the love of god, montressor, watch this brilliant performance of pigs by roger waters live in mexico city