Thursday, February 11, 2016

for look at this graph of the history of the universe from the big bang to the present & find your place in it

Sunday, February 07, 2016

a few years ago i read an article about l.a. based artist billy al bengston in my favorite, now closed down, magazine shop, the newsbeat.  i loved the newsbeat.  i would stop in at least three times a month from the early 2000s to its closure.  the store had a wonderful selection of periodicals including a large choice of art mags.  that is how i discovered billy al bengston.  and i wondered where the hell he'd been all my life.  he's the kind of dude who created a kind of abstract pop art that incorporated suburban malls and asian influence.  i still haven't seen a bengston painting in person.  but, below is a video presentation of billy al bengston show from 1969.  hopefully the artist gets an art book of his own soon.

fox mulder, played by david duchovny, is having his faith tested in middle-age.  his sense of wild wonder and discovery has left him.  he says so, in last weeks episode of the newly rebooted the x-files: mulder & scully meet the were-monster.  half a lifetime chasing ufos and things that go bump in the night and not getting closer to THE TRUTH can wear a person down.

so dana scully, played by gillian anderson, is wondering where the old mulder went.  because now she gets a sad, self-lacerating, self-pitying man who thinks he has wasted his life.  scully, the ever reasonable side of the duo, wants the old mulder back.

but does he return to scully, and to us, the viewers, who like our mulder as a slightly paranoid conspiracy-theory laden freakonicus?

i don't want to spoil the episode for you if you haven't seen it.  this episode was played light and for laughs as much as scares.  mulder's mid-life plight is similar to many 50-somethings: how to retain mystery and wonder and the love of life in middle-age.

well, it can be done.  mulder might be discovering how.  life is a freaking wild adventure even in its most domestic form.  scully and mulder reminds us to lift up the curtain of disbelief and look with our crazy eyes upon our fathomless world.  for it shall astonish us.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

quote unquote

Have a good look -- stop the breath, peel off the skin, and everybody ends up looking the same.  No matter how long you live, the result is not altered.  Cast off the notion that "I exist."  Entrust yourself to the windblown clouds, and do not wish to live forever.

This world
Is but
A fleeting dream
So why be alarmed
At its evanescence?

Your span of life is set and entreaties to the gods to lengthen it are to no avail.  Keep your mind fixed on the one great matter of life and death.  Life ends in death, that's the way things are.

--ikkyu 'poem with skeletons' [barbaric vast & wild: a gathering of outside and subterranean poetry from origins to present ed. by jerome rothenberg & john bloomberg-rissman; black widow press, 2015]

Sunday, January 31, 2016

you can take the kid out of the drive-in/you can't take the drive-in out of the kid

i have been stalled in my writing for a few months

in the teeth of climate change & overpopulation and lack of resources i wonder how my poems can be equal to the task

i have an intro to a publishing project that is long overdue i'm sure the publisher and my co-editor two very good men are making voodoo dolls of me

i work at my job day in day out i like to think of myself as a 21st C cavafy but no i am a 21st C poet doofus

i wake in a good mood grateful to be alive and have nick and anna

i look into the near future & see holy shit

as i type it is cold and very windy a super kinda windy like a kind that i haven't seen in a while

i have a theme running thru my head it's a drive-in intermission song from the 1970s

i think of my friend the poet alex gildzen and how i'd love to sit with him on the couch and watch old 1940s movies

i have a fantasy to join a monastery shave my head and dedicate my life to meditation and silence

i am constantly amazed at the tenacity of life how it thrives everywhere

i would like another tattoo in the company of my fried the poet john bloomberg-rissman we both get inked with the same image

LOGOS is my game but the universe is silent its language is math

i don't write everyday but i write something all the time

my friend the late poet pearl stein selinsky sd the difference between a poet and a non-poet is the poet thinks of death all the time

i have my doubts about thinking of death all the time and say the difference between a poet and a non-poet is that the poet thinks of writing all the time

i like to think ikkyu and i may not have liked each other but would probably get each other

i don't think van gogh and i are on speaking terms

poetry is as natural as taking a shit & just as important for health

sometimes i can't get past myself & wonder who that fuck of an old man is staring at me in the mirror

whose Inglish is this


drive-in movies in the rain

windows rolled up fogged against the dark
sky & rain
rain on top of rain
an undulating wet of the macadam
the snack bar swing set and superslide
turned inward
reflecting upon the soul
car chases & girls in bikinis
& a level thought
of our destabilized climate
where rain means heavy storms
& storms are projected upon the screen
where light turns upon
the fogged up windows
& images fancy a wet night

Saturday, January 30, 2016

yes, virginia, there is life on mars


i am waiting

i am waiting for my close up

and to be beamed up

on the goodship


Friday, January 29, 2016

walked by another dude holding another cardboard sign

try don't try try again

Thursday, January 28, 2016

walked by this dude all raggedy dressed in top hat and tails holding a cardboard sign

hey you, why the fuck do you want to be a famous poet

i did a double take and tripped over the curb

poetry is the thing
it is not the only thing

it bears repeating:

being a poet is not writing a poem, it is finding a new way to live
--paul lafleur

interview with one of my favorite poets ryszard krynicki