Sunday, May 03, 2015

poem beginning with a line from a song by chris isaak

the world was/is on fire
it feels different because
the changes are faster
than human speed of thought
and action is in defense
while time sits on the sidelines
and catches its breath

Thursday, April 30, 2015

started the day reading excerpts from the dairy of jimmy schuyler.  sometimes i need a reminder thru poetry i must slow down and touch the earth.  hot today.  like summer.  i dress for work like every other 21st century male office worker.  khakis, tucked in oxford shirt, brown shoes.  except when i walk to and from work i wear my chuck t's with my khakis and tucked in oxford shirt.  everyone has their uniform.  but tucked in shirts are not propitious to hot weather and by the time i got home i was soaked in sweat. 

reading blogs, poems, a few pages in a couple of books.  on TV right now is the last of the mohicans [1992] directed by michael mann and starring daniel day-lewis.  a magnificent movie.  large and beautiful.  the window is open to the warm night.  the cats are stretched out in cat repose.    


 to be a poet is not writing a poem, it is finding a new way to live.
--paul lafleur

so tired eyes crossed
                   read 'bees' for 'knees'
this ancient air says
                   what the hell is taking you so long

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

two things

the world sure seems to be going to hell.  but there are good things too.  for example, when i got home yesterday i saw a fat envelope in my mailbox.  i saw the return address.  eileen tabios.  two books: I forgot light burns [moria books; 2015] and Against Misanthropy: A Life in Poetry [blazevox; 2015].  two lovely and unexpected gifts.

i opened Against Misanthropy and there was an epigraph by danish poet paul lafleur, 'to be a poet is not writing a poem, it is finding a new way to live.'  a beautiful reminder that being a good person is not antithetical to being a good poet.  i like to think so.  we all live in this crazy world together.  poetry for me is a way of participating in our world.  you don't have to be an asshole to participate.  you can create a new way of living based on generosity and kindness.  eileen's books are emblems of generosity and kindness.

plus i check my email and see jim mccrary sent me a link to a radio program.  he was interviewed yesterday on a lawrence, ks radio show.  every time i hear jim's voice it is a good time.  follow the link here and listen for yourself.

Saturday, April 25, 2015


today i read another poet's line
the frogs of basho

the fogs of basho
i don't know if either clarified my mind


the beatles said so elequontly
                  today is your birthday 
                             it's my birthday too yeah
have a party party on me
alex g

Friday, April 24, 2015

poem beginning with a line from a song by george michael

that's all i wanted to be warm and naked by your side
like the beauty of rain and 
street semiotics

like when i saw the woman wearing the star wars t-shirt
mirrored my thoughts precisely
at that moment

life becomes symbiotic
to its

e.g. i can't think without my i-phone
or when i was humming a song
by john mellancamp

on the way to work
another woman was singing
that same song as i passed her by

Thursday, April 23, 2015

check this shit out

poetry by my brotha jim mccrary published here at truck 

and this vid with brazilian poets waly salomao and paulo leminski [a small portion of the vid is captioned in english.  i don't understand portuguese.  i do love these poets energy.  these guys are fully engaged.  when i watched this vid last friday for the first time i got a real high high].

Monday, April 20, 2015

poem beginning with a line by paulo leminski

o richardlopez
is a mad dog
that likes long
walks in the park
running after cars
shooshed by news
papers and shoes
cowering in corners
afraid of his own
shadow and loud
bangs barks at
the moon and will
chew the furniture
of every room
of your house