Saturday, April 30, 2016


what does it mean when i dream about fellow writers reading their books and filling up the margins with notes & i have not inked a scratch within the covers of any book since i was in school

Friday, April 29, 2016

hippy-ish dialects

what eco
when what flies
is the will to live
+ the will to die
as rene char reminds us
[i'm paraphrasing]
death in life is repugnant
death in death 
is nothing
for that which seeks
for those who see
the humming bird
framed by the kitchen window
is just a bird alive


Thursday, April 28, 2016

watching the bottle green humming bird at the feeder
be natural                                              & ordinary

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


each time i go some
where i try to peer into houses
to see what they're watching on TV
every time i go some
where i head to the grocery
store to see how they buy their food
each time i go some
where i head to the local mall
to find what i've been missing
of ordinary life
& my travels are never
really very far
i want to know
how people muster the will
to put on clothes in the morning
shave eat breakfast
& go to work or school
i want to know how
people show courage
by the fact of living
in a crazy world
i've stubbed my toes
in exotic locales
i got drunk
in a stockholm bar
& once i felt the need to pee
so strong in the streets of london
i was going to burst

Monday, April 25, 2016

i have long held an earthy affection for the oz poet les murray.  luckily youtube is awash in many les murray readings.  but i like the above video for its brevity even as the filmmakers exhibit murray's vitality.  then again perhaps i like murray not just for his writing but because we both come from working-class stock, possess ordinary names, and live by the word.  in any case, murray is both a traditionalist poet and a poet who doesn't seem to give a wide fuck what people think of him.  les murray is the fonzi of poetry.  he's cool.   

Sunday, April 24, 2016

this is the band that i am fucking missing tonight!!!

i have three favorite bands, you can write them on my tombstone, social distortion, slowdive and lush.  i've seen social d. a few times in my nearly 50 years on this clam shell.  slowdive reformed a couple years ago and did the summer festival circuit in 2014.  when i found out they were set to play the warfield in s.f. in the fall i was sure the hell not going to miss them.  i didn't.  b. and i had a great time at the show.

lush, who completes this holy trinity for me, reformed late last year.  anna heard their newly released single a couple months ago i flipped.  lush broke up in 1996, 20 freakin' years ago, after the death of their drummer chris acland.  interviews with their singer, miki berenyi, over these long years indicated that reforming lush was way outside consideration.

well, fuck me, because when anna told me about their reformation i hit the web.  i thought they would do a tour schedule similar to slowdive, hit the summer festivals then tour the u.s. in the fall.  nope, they are doing both.  i learned they were scheduled to play the warfield in s.f. on sunday, 4/17/16.  i immediately purchased tickets.  i made arrangements, got time off work, i was ready to go.  that was last sunday.

here's the thing.  lush announced they were suffering visa issues.  anna got the email [she bought the tix for me] late friday afternoon.  the band postponed both their shows at the coachella music festival on saturday, and their show at the warfield to this weekend.  lush is playing at the warfield tonight.  for myriad reasons i wasn't able to make it to s.f. tonight.  

i was - i am -- in the immortal phrase used by kevin kline in the film a fish called wanda [1988] DISAPPOINTED!

rather than rant about visa issues, the universe and the fact that i could not see them tonight, i'll just say the proof put to the phrase: you are never to old to rock.  for the band members of lush are my age, i'll be 49 next in a little over a month.  despite the signals of aging like getting fatigued more easily, or getting grey hair, or my knees giving out after years of walking to and from work, the mind thinks of itself as ageless.  and in a way we are ageless even as we age.  not that rock&roll can cancel the wear and tear of age but it does, like all art, provide a proof that life is meant to be lived at the first intensity, no matter your age.  we only have this one life to rock.  make it count.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

in honor of the purple one i'm gonna party like it's 1999

r.i.p. prince

nothing compares 2 u