Thursday, April 08, 2021

 the comic steven wright said, whoever wrote the alphabet wrote everything.  i am reminded of this piece of obviousness recently when i was watching an interview by a conceptual poet that i am currently fascinated with.  the poet claims to use only found language like what one uses in adverts & such mediated by whatever emotional state caused by the traditions of lyric poetry.  okay, i'm cool with that.  after all, i think all language belongs to everyone & consequently no one.  whosever owns language operates the universe!  not really!  since i think the universe is not made of language & is indifferent to humanity.  language matters to its users.  us.  & the alphabet belongs to everybody.  perhaps that is what intrigues me by this conceptual poet who composes via found languages used by media.  & yet, i am a lyric poet at heart.  i want to hear something said by a human being.  i want all of our humanity as it is found in language.  & but still, i love the language of media too.  perhaps this is where antipoetry starts.  & ends.  & is endless. 

black&white movie      the people      so alive     so present     all being      is     now*


*i think of lew welch's red monk reading this & laughing his ass off.  'oh lopez!  you think the present is timeless & also the past?  that those who were once alive were sensuous, thinking & vital.  like you.  you're so fucking profound!'

Saturday, April 03, 2021

sometimes on a friday night you want to hear an exquisitely crafted pop song from the '90s to remind yourself that you are alive

Thursday, April 01, 2021

The Jesus And Mary Chain - April Skies (Official Music Video)

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Mike Olin "Infinite Get" at PENINSULA ART SPACE

this video is part of what has become one of my favorite youtube channels.  james kalm [pseudonym for NYC artist loren munk] travels by his bicycle to various gallery shows & studio visits of fellow brothers & sisters NYC artists.  kalm has been making these videos for many years.  what i very much admire is kalm's erudition & deep knowledge of painting history.  these qualities are in abundant evidence in this video of a show by mike olin.  i didn't know olin's work before this video but it especially resonates with me for i love kitsch, pop culture, & found objects.  let it resonate with you. 

Friday, March 26, 2021

once upon a time seamus heaney called for a becketttian poetics of cinematic language that opens trap doors & does doubletakes.  i was thrilled by that call for beckettian poetics & wanted that for my own poetry.  such a vivid caption for a postmodern poetry is thrilling.  but rather i prefer for my own poetics is an antipoetry of radical simplicity.  a duchampain poetics of everyday & found things & words.  an ordinariness tasked against the complexities of our mad times.  duchampian art is what the artist says it is.  like placing a urinal on a pedestal.  & signing it r. mutt.  or using the language of texting, twitterings, email, tv, movies, & the ordinary speech of all of us.  & do this with full knowledge that no one owns language, but the words belongs to all of us.  

the grace of bart simpso

gee, god, we paid for all of this ourselves 
thanks for nothing

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

last words

i sure the hell hope that my last words sound something like this:

thank you thank you so fucking much thank you thank you so fucking much 

Lake Street Dive - 'Lola (The Kinks Cover)' | The Bridge 909 in Studio

absolute music

Sunday, March 21, 2021

thinking about ginsbergian poetics

first thought best thought

but hey wait a minute

on second thought...

spring: squirrel vs. cat in the garden

squirrel was busy in the winter burying booty
but in the spring chatters & chases leo
as if to say 
stay the fuck away from my nuts
as the roses explode into bloom