Saturday, August 17, 2013

a jean reno kind of day

i don't know what to make of the title of this little rant but it was that kind of day.  every morning i scan the tv channels seeing if there is anything interesting to record.  this morning i caught a little, in between shaving and the rest of getting ready for work sort of things, of just visiting [2001] starring jean reno and christina applegate.

it's not a very good movie.  but i am ga ga for reno.  and applegate is, as the saying goes, easy on the eyes.  the movie is about a 12th century knight and his squire transported to late 20th century chicago and all the shenanigans a pair of 13th century dudes can wreak for the space of an hour and half or so.  the movie is an american remake of les visiteurs [1993] starring  jean reno and the same actor who plays his squire in the u.s. remake.

i've no idea if the french original is better than the u.s. version.  but i'll watch anything with jean reno in it.  reno is movie magic who possesses both a physical dexterity with a depth of intellectual bravado.  there hasn't been a film yet to match reno's talents, i think.  someone should write a script with him as a poet who embodies both the rarefied ego of the mind and the lusts of the body.

does that sound goofy?  perhaps, yet i think jean reno is that rare actor who can bring to life the life of writing onscreen.  i've long loved his acting and his charisma.  i looked him up today and didn't know that he's spanish, not french.  little matter, and yet there was a smidgen of self-identity for people mistake my own name for being latino when it is hispanic.  my great grandfather emigrated from spain in the early 20th century and shorten his long name to lopez.

little matter there too.  yet the world is filled with connections, or perceived connections.  i watched jean reno in a really bad movie this morning.  and the viewing of it sustained all the usual crap of the day we all must endure.


At 4:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

it,s a great comedy everything jean reno makes is great jean reno rules jean reno best actor in the world


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