Sunday, June 16, 2019

doing shit

today, & for just today, it cooled off considerably.  still pretty damn warm, but very pleasant.  i have the windows open to a soft summer breeze [boy does that sound like a song] as the clock ticks close to midnight.

& it was a day of chores.  after chores i got dinner from Cookie's, our favorite neighborhood drive-in burger joint.  now that i have a phone i am in the habit of listening to podcasts as i do my weekly house cleaning.  neil de grasse tyson's StarTalk is always a favorite.

nick graduated from middle school.  we went to the graduation ceremony on thursday.  weird for his parents for it seemed like yesterday - no joking - that he was just starting kindergarten.  now nick is a teen & moving so quickly into young adulthood.  life is that proverbial rollercoaster ride.  crazy-insane & over pretty damn fast.

which is why i've long adopted our late cat, ernie's, philosophy: stop & eat the fucking flowers!

now that our double anthology is in the world it is time to start new adventures.  i've got a few things cooking in the pot & as soon as they get close to being done i'll say more about them.

i turned 52 last sunday.  i'm heading into geezerville.  how did that happen so quickly?  fucked if i know.  i met a poet last week at his reading.  we've been corresponding & texting for a few months but hadn't yet met in person.  when i introduced myself, he said, you're old!  huh, i replied.  sorry, he said, but you write like a young person.  i expected you to be about 35.

well, i am getting old but i think, as the cliche says, you are only as old as you feel.  i feel like i still have a lot to learn & a lot to live & write.

what else.  i've been rereading the collected blogs of the late poet bill knott.  one thing i love about poets's blogs is how they are poets' electronic diaries & notebooks.  i love reading the notebooks & diaries of poets.  given the choice of buying a slim volume of verse or a fat book of notebooks & verse i'll choose the latter all the time.

it's summertime.  again.  i'm a crepuscular creature who prefers autumn but, hell, i am growing old & i better appreciate every fucking season as i experience them.  so this summer will be spent at the pool.  we will have our annual week at the beach in cayucos next month.  i haven't been to the drive-ins this year, yet.  but the drive-ins are part of my soul.  if everyday is halloween every night is at the drive-ins.

peace brothers & sisters


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