Saturday, June 26, 2004

man, living so close to the Bay Area makes me salivate on all the cool readings they have there. of course, can't go to all of them. so good luck during the Marathon today Eileen, I'm rooting for ya. there are also several readers that I would love to hear and meet, Elizabeth Robinson, Kit Robinson, Bill Luoma, Rae Armantrout, aw hell, everyone on the list.

Rodney Koeneke sent me the schedules for the summer's Marathon and I'm itching for the August reading in Oakland. if you plan on being there, then let me know, and I'll introduce myself to you.

today, heading over to my friend, Robert Roden's housewarming party. then tonight it is a midnight movie at the Trash Film Orgy. but why the hell does a midnight movie have to be at midnight? geez, that's kinda late.