Sunday, August 22, 2004

it has been a long, lovely weekend. Anna and I went to the opening day of the California State Fair on Friday. we probably wouldn't go if we didn't live in Sac, however we've made it a kind of tradition to go at least once every summer in our 12 years together. and today we saw the film Open Water. the movie is receiving love it or hate it types of reviews, but for me it is one white-knuckle descent into terror. it is a beautifully bleak movie but it ain't for everyone, I guess. I must emphasize the word "terror" since that particular emotion is keener, more refined, than "horror." it's not a typical horror film, no gore, no special effects, no fancy lighting, or heroic stunts. it is two married people in terrror, living through a very real, but very fragile reality.

thank you Chris for your wonderful book Meme Me Up, Scotty! got it Friday and read it straight through the moment I opened the envelope. a terrific ear and inventive forms in these poems. I'll have more to say later when I reread it, however I do want to mention how much of these poems work upon their sounds and delight in their inventions. it is a playful poetry, dare I say Mozartian? terrific stuff.

Tom, you make me blush. Stag Film is incredible. now to get off my butt and turn my notes into a sequence of poems based on 8mm loops.

and Steve, gracias hermano for digging my text.


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