Sunday, November 07, 2004

I'm still pissed about the election too. today in the paper the news was all bad. every single fucking bit of it. so been fighting a mean depression all day. I do want to publicly thank Steve Tills for his very, very kind remarks at Black Spring about me and Anna. I shared it with her and she was very moved. thank you, poeta, you are in our hearts. yeah, Sacramento is flat but I too would dearly love to drink and talk with you, brother. you lifted my mood. also can't wait for your Lawrence, KS issue of your mag.

we spent the day stocking up on supplies like diapers and baby wipes for our little hot tot, whose due date is four short weeks. and then saw the movie The Incredibles, a charming film. the theater was filled with children and they were parading around as if they too were superheroes. to save the world, in the end there is only hope, I guess.


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