Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I spend most of my time with Anna and Nicholas so whatever fugitive moments I get to myself I read a bit. it is difficult to hold a book, or journal, and hold a baby at the same time. even so, I've taken to the habit of scribbling in my notebook rather than writing directly on the computer. which is a problem cuz I've the worst handwriting imaginable. I'm sure those who've tried to read it have scratched their heads in wonder and disgust.

but there is a sensuality to be had between fingers, pen and paper. which I've forgotten because since the late '90s I've mostly composed directly on computer, which does afford pleasures of its own. no doubt my writing is influenced by whatever methods I use in the physical act of it. writing in longhand seems to be more labor intensive, sort of like manual labor, because it is, for me, a slower process. and the medium of paper possesses a kind of formalism, by which I mean that in writing on paper rather than a computer screen there are restrictions by how much text can be written because of the limited space of the paper and the blocky letters of my handwriting. sorta like the restrictions of writing in form for the inventions of writing happen when there are difficulties to be met.


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