Sunday, November 06, 2005

thanks everyone for yr lovely comments here and on yr own blogs re: nicholas in full lobster regalia for halloween. it is the end of a long work week, just got back from the office today, sunday. normally i'm like an old jazzman, working re: writing/reading in the quiet and dark til the wee hrs. this week i tried simply to get to the shut-eye state a bit earlier than usual. that translates to falling asleep with a book in my hand, or a movie in the dvd player. i'd wake to the credits rolling or my hand on the page.

which tells me that i need to start writing more about my reading. yesterday's mail arrived with the newest book by skip fox, at that (ahadada books), a thick collection of texts beautifully designed by daniel sendecki. mouth-watering.

this morning i read steve caratzas's chap it will be a train. a mini-review is forthcoming.

and been digging thru big ted berrigan's massive collected. finally here, it is essential reading.


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