Tuesday, November 14, 2006

back to my wood sonnets. been so hung up on my loops chap that i'd neglected poor eddie. but not now, for i'm up to #13. the only restrictions i've given myself is not to reread them as they are being written, and to bastardize ginsberg's dictum, 1st thought best thought, to write them as fast as i can without, at least for the first draft, any revision. which is damn hard habit to break. revision is addicting, sorta like heroin, one shot and yr hooked. of course you can needle yr texts to death, but i've always found that the more you work on yr poems, the better you are as a poet. the texts may not be that great, what poet writes well all the time?, but rigorous revisions are like training sessions for long marathon runs. you cannot write well without doing them. period.


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