Friday, December 08, 2006

does geof huth ever sleep? last spring when he was here in sac i left him in his hotel room around 11:00 - 11:30 pm and he was still buzzing with energy. and he had to get up early to navigate the streets of an unknown city and give a presentation at the local university.

then today i find his video poem on youtube via crag hill's blog, which leads me to looking at his other videos, most of which are home projects. as you know geof is a tireless poet-critic who maintains several blogs [in this way he has a lot in common with eileen tabios, who i also wonder if she gets any sleep] devoted to verbal/visual poetry.

i mentioned in an email earlier today that anna and i are planning on a major kitchen renovation and told him how much i enjoyed his videos of his house. anna is the one who raised my standards really. it is thru her eyes and tastes that elevated my own from just appreciating the occassional velvet elvis painting and thinking a target in the toilet bowl is the height of hilarity.

so tonight geof emails me a link to yet another blog, this one detailing his family house projects. and a lot of the posts are rather lengthy, so again i ask does geof huth every sleep?!

geof's huthhouse blog has me wondering. i know poets john tyson and robert vander molen earn their living as housepainters. i'd love to read blogs that combine both the work of poetry, and the poet's daily work. a couple of years ago, we had our house painted by an astonishingly talented guy who took his time to get the job done well. paul brown is his name, and i was blown away by watching him work. the care, the precision to which he plied his craft was the work of an artist.


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