Monday, January 29, 2007

all right, guess i'll do it. looks like everyone else is. so gonna switch over to new blogger in a week or so. gonna have to do it sooner or even sooner than that, anyway.

first batch of super8 went out today. 2nd batch tomorrow. i'll be sending them out during the next few weeks. so don't be surprised if you receive an email from me before asking for yr snail mail address. i do think poetry is a gift economy, so i'm sending my book out to anybody who wants a copy, who wants to trade, and to poet-friends, and so on.

and don't be surprised if you've never heard from me before asking for yr snail mail address, too. poets are brothers and sisters, even if the family ain't always happy.

my email address is len200AThotmailDOTcom. don't be shy, hit me up, sucka!

* * *

watched a quirky little aussie film look both ways over the weekend. the pincipals all ruminate over death, and not as death as a faraway abstraction, but death sudden and prolonged, and permanent. advertised as a comedy on the video sleeve the movie is rather idiosyncratic in that the characters must learn to deal with their and their loved ones eminent demise. the main character played justine clarke, who is brand new to me, is a revelation. she has this face, her face, not exactly beautiful, but so full of the stuff of living that the camera simply loved her. it is thru her that we feel the weight of that ancient phrase: carpefuckingdiem.

one thing i couldn't figure out is what city the film took place in. portions of it looked a lot like sacramento, weather and all. except the city in the movie lacked trees. sac has an abundance of them. it is said that sac has as many or more trees as paris. i shit you not.


At 7:45 PM, Blogger Okir said...


what will happen to our old blogs (for example my old Okir blog) if we don't switch them over to the new blogger? Are the old blogs going to be terminated at some point, by Blogger?

At 9:31 PM, Blogger richard lopez said...


i've no idea, perhaps someone whose made the switch knows the answer, or know something about google's intentions. i guess that soon google will make it impossible not to switch over, and phase out the old blogger. will that terminate, or delete any blogs not switched over to google? i don't know.

At 2:25 PM, Blogger derek said...

hey richard

i also don't like this idea of new blogger, but have switched. i don't like having to have a google account for one thing, esp. when my email stupidly consists of my full name. but, it does seem as if you will have to. i think the key thing is to archive yr blog files regularly. blogger does tell you hoe to do this somewhere, though it is quite a circuitous process.

& look both ways is a beautiful film. i think it's set in sydney. was a little unsure of the montaged 'happy ending', but it was still cool. justine clarke is lovely - she is well known here for her role on play-school. has even released an album of kids songs. there you go.

At 10:59 PM, Blogger richard lopez said...

derek: the happy ending worked fine for me. the director, sarah watt if i recall correctly, repeatedly used a very fast montage to enhance characters' inner and outer lives. and tho i'm a big proponent of bleak conclusions for films, sometimes a happy endng is a refreshing change.


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