Wednesday, April 04, 2007

i couldn't resist. below is 1 of the fake trailers from grindhouse. directed by eli roth, whose films include hostel and cabin fever, this is a very gross and bloody valentine to a sub-genre horror film: slashers. superstupid in conception and often shoddy in execution these sorts of films revelled in prudery and mayhem. the only people who were killed by the slasher of course were the only ones who engaged in sex.

i see that is removing these trailers like crazy. so watch it, at yr own risk, as soon as you can.

oh, am i looking forward to seeing grindhouse? let me answer that with [in my best steve martin in the jerk voice]: does a bear shit in the woods? will it replicate the actual experience of watching exploitation movies in a delipadated theater at all. only if you have a couple of crackheads in the back talking shit at the screen during the movies, if the bathroom was caked up with dookie and piss, if the popcorn smelled just a little too old, and if yr seat was taped together with ductape and a prayer.

but fuck it. i'm a sucker for this type of marketing. i buy discs that also sell themselves as a drive-in experience, complete with a double-feature and intermission shorts. now a drive-in would be perfect for seeing grindhouse, next to an authentic grindhouse of course, but i think our local 6-screen has been put out to pasture. the last in sac. at least i can't find any ads for it in the local paper, tho anna tells me that when she passes it on her commute it is still there beside the freeway, and she can't tell if it is closed down or not.

i'm about to cry, seriously. and but anyway, expect a review re: tarantino/rodriguez extravaganza in a week or so.


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