Saturday, December 29, 2007

okay, it ain't like i didn't have a decent year. just can't think of, nor care to enumerate, a list of 'best of' anything. i like reading those lists. one of the pleasures of lists such as 'best of' is my tendency to combat it. perhaps that's simply human nature. we will always think, 'what about x, or you forgot y'.

i like combing thru the stacks of libraries. which i did last week after work. and thumbing thru many old tomes i got this flash of the stupidity of thinking, considering, and even desiring immortality as a poet. if you are extremely lucky you might become a foot of dusty shelf space. and then. . .well, so what. there will always be that person like me who will pull you down, blow off the dust, and read a few lines. but that sure doesn't sound like a solidly immortal presence.

so what can we do, but work, write, read, live, fuck, eat, hate and love during our pitiable short time here on this earth. carpefuckingdiem, esse!

really started this post to point out the experimental laptop artist and guitarist neil jendon. this afternoon i was listening to this album and grooving on the ambient work. listen with earphones on. discovered this album thru a link a few years ago at disquiet.



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