Thursday, November 06, 2008

keep one foot on the ground

i am a big softie. i did tear up a bit when obama won the election. the significance of a black man as the leader of one of the most divided, biased and bigoted nations on earth is huge. but i sure as fuck don't expect miracles or even obama to come close to my own flaming liberal sensibilities. anyone who does i think might be in for huuuuuge disappointments. i live in california and it is not lost on me that even tho californians overwhelmingly supported obama's bid for the presidency a majority of this state's residents failed to stop passage of prop. 8.

however, i'm not much of a political commentator. i simply hope now for the best. and i've not felt this level of hope and optimism in my lifetime. that ain't no small thing. but for better, fuller, commentaries regarding this election please see mark young's posts here and here, and the comment stream at geof huth's blog, as well as ernesto priego's brilliant poem, and finally read john bloomberg-rissman's reality check here.


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