Tuesday, December 16, 2008

pretty thing, isn't it

just now as i was moving the car from the street into the driveway i startled my neighbor by greeting her as she was moving toward her house after walking her dog. she shouted, my god it is freezing! and it is indeed, or just above freezing. i was surprised when i read the temperature was hovering at 34 f. it is very cold with a few clouds in the sky and as i walked home this evening my ears stung from the cold.

it is christmas in northern cal. it's been raining off and on. and the trees are nearly denuded of their leaves from the winds and the rain. to say that i love this sort of weather would be to understate it. i do. i'm more a night, cold weather creature. but california cold, mind you, i can't hang with the snow. fuck. how does anyone hang with snow?!

well then anyway, another christmas tradition for me is the david bowie / bing crosby duet of 'little drummer boy'. i first saw the video on friday night videos, an early to mid '80s show devoted to airing pop videos. we didn't get cable, and thus mtv, until the late '80s so we watched friday night videos. and if i recall someone somewhere possess old recordings my brothers and i made of that show on betamax tapes.

now, i'm not a big fan of the song itself. it's rather schmaltzy. but the pairing of bowie and crosby is christmas magic. such beauty and i think maybe there is such things as miracles. maybe. whatever. dig.


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