Saturday, May 09, 2009


keckler's horror story of wearing cologne that smells like catpiss reminds me of a similar tale of woe

when i was a wee undergrad i had this killer sweater that i wore all the time

the damned sweater was so loved it was ripped up and full of holes

that's right the garment was holy

i also used to wear a red hot chili peppers baseball cap until it also worn down to nothing and then simply disappeared

i think maybe anna threw it away because she hated that cap

but back to my sweater story

one cold winter morning i was rushing to class and pulled my sweater out of the closet and bundled up as i headed out the door

in class i began to smell some serious catpiss stank and i wondered who or what the hell reeked to high heaven

then i shifted in my seat which brought my shoulders up thus bringing my sweater closer to my nose

i smelled that stank


and to my horror discovered

it was coming from me

there i was trapped for the duration of the lecture with a sweater that reeked of cat urine

the smell was so sharp it could cut off limbs

our cat ernie k ernst as a kitten had the nasty habit of spraying everywhere and obviously had hit the closet

i think that happened when we lived in our second apartment

ernie's still with us

the k in his name stands for killer

this is a live vid of one of my most favorite songs on the planet performed by sonic youth

you know how every couple considers a few songs their songs well '100%' is one of our songs

and i thought of the song last night as i read that sonic youth will be at the fox theater in oakland in august

the song was on a mixed tape i made way back when and that we listened to constantly

that tape was so loved that the tape snapped after years of play


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