Sunday, June 28, 2009

splat 28

before i could learn to surf the summer heat wave of a friday night 10:30 pm it happened again. stroll thru the parking lot toward safeway supermarket and see what you get. so there i was amid the hipsters, drunks, the hospital workers on break on the nightshift. i come out of the store clasping my purchase with very tired hands. i hear a voice, a man who’d been mumbling to himself as i went in, sitting outside the exit door. he says, hey man, anyone ever tell you look like richard gere? naw man, i answer, never heard it before. oh shit, he coughs, it’s richard gere!!!! i heard him as he continued to guffaw those three syllables as i reached my car and i think that if this happens again i’m gonna have to write to hollywood and see if richard gere can start composing poems with my name.


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