Friday, June 05, 2009

splat 5

this doesn’t mean the end of the line
is the end of the mind
                    duncan mcnaughton

watching the wachowski bros’ the matrix i can’t tease out why if the machines wanted abundant btu’s from live bodies as their prime source of energy they didn’t just plug in cattle who might not need a matrix at all to control their minds to achieve passivity

or if cattle do need an active mind and a purpose the machines could make a simple contruct of sunlight water and pasture

even if the machines insisted on humans as batteries [hero neo is called a coppertop, natch] why didn’t they just cauterize

the wiring of the frontal lobes so that humans would not need a purpose to achieve passivity but rather kept intact the brainstem for the body’s involuntary functions such as heart rate blood pressure and breath

thus the machines would come to signify the flower of flesh and blood


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