Thursday, June 18, 2009

today's soundtrack


a family of mourning doves had made their nest at our home
the momma and poppa tried to fledge their one young
took apart the nest and made him fly out

it was too early and the young one huddled in the garden
we worried he was injured or sick so when i took two steps
toward him he flew to the other side

while momma and poppa hovered nervously on the overhead phone lines
later the young one took off in a burst of flight
but in panic at my second approach

we made an artificial nest out of a wicker basket
filled it with the twigs and branches of their
old discarded nest and hoped for the best

tonight we returned after a long day at work then shopping
to find both momma and poppa and their baby
on the overhead phone lines as she fed her young one

we took a few pics then they flew off to the night


last night nicholas and i were walking home. our usual route involves a stop at a local gas station so i could buy a soda and nicholas can pick a treat to eat on the way. the street we walk is very busy with lots of foot traffic, street people and vehicles hurrying on their way. between the gas station and an adjacent parking lot is a dirt meridian that is home to a fire hydrant, and a couple of gas lines. nicholas likes to look at the steel pipes. we stopped, i took a sip of soda, when nicholas asks me, what is this. i look down and see that he is holding a hypodermic syringe. my heart almost burst out of my chest. i snatched it out of his hand and fling it to the ground. the syringe is old, dirty white plastic. i don't see a needle. nicholas tells me that there is a needle. i poke at the syringe and sure enough at the tip is a tiny, bent needle. i nearly choke in fear, grab the boy by his hands and asks him if he was poked. nope, the kid says. are you sure? i look at his hands, fingers and arms and find no prick of skin or any blood. i then check myself too for any pricks. i find none. i look at the syringe again and surmise that that was a junkie's tool that finally broke and was absently thrown away. i've seen a diabetic's needles before. i've seen a junkie's cheap works too. i walk home almost dizzy from relief and fear.


for the past few days this song's been looped in my mind. i think it's a summer song. it's so laid back and chill and catchy. i can't shut it off.


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