Wednesday, September 02, 2009

60 days of halloween

tonight nicholas and i have eaten the first pumpkin pie of the season. here at chez really bad movies we take the scaring season pretty seriously silly. fall is my favorite time of year and even tho the temperature today was in the triple digits i can detect a change in light and a certain ambiance of halloween.

at least in my mind at any rate. today marks 59 days to halloween, not 60. but yesterday i began my countdown to my favorite holiday and 60 is a good round number to start with. so beginning tonight i'll begin posting reviews of horror movies, some good, some so-bad-they're-good, a few truly awful and a couple of surprises. i'll not write about halloween all the time but for most of the time i'll dedicate my thoughts on halloween and halloween related items, such as collectibles, toys, games, and even a music review or two.

tonight i'll start with a trailer for a hotly anticipated flick, at least for horror movie geeks like me, that was made last year and was not given a theatrical release. rather, the movie, trick 'r treat, is being dumped onto dvd on 10/6/09. no matter, i've been reading raves about this film for some time now. even if it sucks the movie, at least in the trailer, looks cool with saturated browns, oranges and blacks occasionally punctuated by a blast of color creating a smokiness that lends a spectral beauty to the images of jack o'lanterns, costumes and candy thru out. the movie, directed by michael dougherty, who cut his teeth penning horror movies, is an anthology of 4 distinct stories happening simultaneously. it is clear that dougherty is nuts for the spooky holiday too.

i'll review the film when it comes out on dvd. until then, feast on this:


At 11:16 PM, Blogger William Keckler said...


I love your movie reviews and especially the horror ones.

I like scary but can't do "gory" anymore. (love Gorey though.)

I've never seen a single SAW movie, never saw HOSTEL etc...plan not to...

Occasional gore in flash fashion i can tolerate, but not hardcore, dragout guts and goo...

And yr right..i saw that preview and trick r'treat looks like fun...

At 11:18 PM, Blogger William Keckler said...

i mean anything that is too close to psychopathia in the newspapers, you know what i mean?

if it's a monster with three heads it's a different deal...

I just hate the movies that fetishize torture, etc...

too much like watching the news and who pays to watch the news, the horrible news?

At 4:27 PM, Blogger richard lopez said...


i think there are, unfortunately, a lot of people who would pay to watch the horrible news.

thank you for your kind words re: my reviews. i don't like torture porn myself, have watched one HOSTEL II and SAW, which are not good movies i think, but not because they are graphic, because they are just terrible movies.

do have to warn you that a couple of movies i have in mind are very graphic, including an '80s japanese series that are probably the most controversial flicks evern put on film.

i'm not a gorehound at all. i'd rather have my scary movies suggestive rather than graphic. nothing more terrifying then the danger lurking offscreen. once the monster is made manifest, then it is no longer scary. just a thing to be dealt with.

however, splatter done well, like in old '80s fulci films, and i go ga ga crazy.


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