Thursday, October 01, 2009


it's oct. 1 and you bet i have a halloweenhead. not that i'm biased or nothing, but you should come to norcal in the fall. it is lovely. the light is lovely. when it is not blazing hot, the air really is mild and quite cool. there's a smokiness to it all. a russet and umber sky and at night, at least tonight, in the dark blue sky hangs a big white spud of a moon.

don't know much about ryan adams. what i've heard is okay to pretty good. this song is pretty catchy and one thing i like about adams is his mercurial personality, one moment a balladeer and the next thing he's rocking it hard. so sue me. this song has cool halloween imagery even if it is about, as i understand it, the rock&roller's bain of existence, drugs.

candy and pumpkins are good enough for me. it's not for nothing that i have a jack o'lantern inked on my arm. we choose those things, or those things choose us [i'm not quite sure which], that give us comfort and pleasure, that makes us happy and lowers the blood pressure. if we are lucky too those things become part of the dna and our so wired within that our mental, spiritual and physical life would be denuded without them.

this is halloween.



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