Friday, December 11, 2009

winter music

some bands and musics reminds me of winter. at the moment, a cold rain is falling outside making the inside all cozy. i recall something anna told me when she took a horticulture class a couple years back. in california everything greens up in winter which makes winter in california, or at least my neck of it, like spring and summer on the east coast. it can get cold in california but not too cold. you probably won't freeze to death, i think.

and but then so this piece by sigur ros, from their album takk, which translates to thank you in english, is a winter song. i love this vid, how iceland in summer looks like winter in my part of the world and that family and children are prominent in the video. does that sound rather fuddy-duddy? well, as i'm a father i think that artists who celebrate, in various fashions, the family is a boon to art and to humanity. also, i've got a thing for iceland. i've never been there but somehow think of it as one of my spiritual homes.


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