Monday, September 13, 2010

between the click of the light and the start of the dream

man, okay, i'll tell youse all that i'm like totally stoked. for reals. got home last night after a long day at mather airfield for the annual air show. took nicholas to see planes go all acrobatic in the air and look at planes and helicopters, and even climb into a few of them, as they sat for inspection on the grounds. it was a great time but an exhausting one. the ambient temperature of the low 90s was made even greater for the asphalt's radiant heat and that we were pretty much on our feet the entire day but i must say nick is a trooper even if he got a bit distracted and like real tired by 5:00 pm. however, it wasn't the demonstrations of military fighter jets that most impressed nick. what with all that speed, noise and power those jets were so close we could feel the heat from the afterburns. no, what most impressed nick was robosaurus because it was huge, snorted fire, and grabbed a couple of junker cars by its claws and ate them! no, seriously, robosaurus ate cars! that's what impressed the little guy and how can i argue with that impression. the damn thing was huge and hungry and reminded me just a bit of godzilla and i think they people operating robosaurus did indeed use godzilla's brand of roar to great effect.

but no, what got me stoked was this: anna and i had been watching videos from the old mtv show 120 minutes on saturday night. the video show is dedicated to bringing alternative music to the tv airwaves back in the day but nowadays mostly rehashes old gen-x favorites such as xtc, the cure, depeche mode, elvis costello et al. anyways, it's been forever since we've seen live music, at least a year. so when nick and i were looking at aircraft yesterday anna was combing the 'net for possible upcoming shows.

it went like this. anna says, when i got home all sunburned, thirsty and famished, she says, i gots some bad news.


--arcade fire is playing two concerts at the greek in berkeley in early oct.

[picture a middle-aged man jumping up and down in excitement like spongebob squarepants chasing jellyfish. i think i even foamed at the mouth at the thought of seeing arcade fire, so when anna said it was bad news i thought she was just fucking with me.]

--how's that bad news?

--the shows are sold out.


see, i really like arcade fire, and they are the one band i most would want to see live. so i says, i know a couple of ticket brokers. let me check it out.

okay then.

a couple of clicks later a manage to get two tickets to the oct. 2 show, a saturday night, and i've not felt this giddy in a long, long, long time. sure, that sort of giddyness is a source of my unending nerdyness, but what of it. it's not like i worship the band. don't follow their tweets --if they do that -- or music blogs which would've told us that the band is coming to the bay area. but i do think they are one of the best bands out there and they are killer performers.

i haven't heard their newest album yet either. i'll try to get it before the show. man! i won't say how much i paid for the tix either but it wasn't exorbitant at all. anna and i will make a date of it and celebrate our wedding anniversary which is going on 14 years now. we've been together nearly 18 years. we met and later married in our favorite month, october. so one of my favorite bands performing in my favorite venue in my favorite bay area city with my only love and shit y'all can see why i'm so like totally stoked. rad!


At 5:07 AM, Blogger Closely Observed Train Stations said...

You romantic. Enjoy the show.

At 7:39 PM, Blogger Okir said...

Wow, your joy is infectious! What a great celebration that will be! October is my favorite month, too.

At 11:11 PM, Blogger richard lopez said...

thank you both, jean and ryan

anna booked a room at the hotel durant which is the hotel we stayed at last summer when we took nicholas to see death cab for cutie at the greek

that was a great show and we ended up at the durant because our car had a flat and a kindly campus police officer offered to find us a hotel for the night

what was initially a disaster, the flat and being stuck in the middle fo the night on the berkeley campus, turned out to be a great adventure so we are quite fond of the hotel durant and the berkeley campus police dept.

At 9:34 PM, Blogger Okir said...

That's good to know about the Durant. Occasionally I need a place to stay when I'm in Berkeley and I've wondered about the Durant. By the way, Arcade Fire is going to perform on my side of the bay, at Henry Miller Library (fantastic intimate & outdoor venue!) on October 8. Was thinking of going, but next time I checked, it was sold out! Oh well. Henry Miller Library just keeps booking better & better performances every year...


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