Saturday, November 27, 2010

living in stereo

i think that was the name of a pop song back in the '80s. i use that phrase when i think of someone or some thing living life large. i used that phrase to describe our late pooch, hugo, who was nothing if not large in character, bark and spirit. in february it'll be a year since hugo's death. does that time seem short. and it is. i'm amazed by it. the speed of time. i don't think i embody living in stereo. at all. i'm too close to my own flaws to be objective anyway. as i age i'm attracted more to the idea of gusto. because when i'm dead i won't be able to enjoy life. i don't know what all this means. i do what i can, and stumble much of the time. it was raining for most of the day. i left the house just once. i took nick with me for my eye exam. i need a new pair of eyeglasses. the ones i got are woefully inadequate. reading and seeing normally are getting harder. i like to do both, sometimes at the same time. as the saying goes, it sucks getting older. i retort, no, it doesn't suck getting older. not getting older is not an option. i have no choice. i am in the process. stuck between yes and no.


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