Tuesday, February 01, 2011

easy come easy go

this morning nick lost a thing he's grown attached to. he calls it a clicker. i've no idea where it comes from or what it once was. it looks like a yellow plastic belt buckle with a black button in the center. you can click it, that center, hence the name.

as i said, nick lost it even tho i spent a goodly amount of time last night retrieving the thing from the car because it fell between the seat and the center console, and he later slept with it. nick almost went into meltdown mode until i reminded him about patrick star.

who? don't you watch spongebob squarepants? of course you do. then you know patrick star is spongebob's best friend. a very sweet starfish but dumb as a rock. star also possesses an almost zen-like detachment which i find admirable. in one episode, i told nick this morning, spongebob and patrick find a magic pencil that makes whatever they draw come to life. patrick shouts, now what would make life perfect is a magic moustache. that then there spongebob happily draws a moustache on patrick. to wit, patrick exclaims, life is good!!! then the moustache flaps off and into the distance, where patrick says, easy come easy go.

that is a great attitude i told nick. the boy repeats the phrase and thus a meltdown is avoided.

okay but then tonight me, b. and s. were gonna see our favorite band, social distortion, perform at the freeborn hall at u.c. davis. i'd been looking forward to this show for a couple months now. social d is my favorite band, period. in fact i want it etched on my tombstone:





or a variation of the same. whatever, the point is i was soooo looking forward to the show. the quote in the previous post is a lyric by mike ness from the song 'telling them'.

and but okay s. calls anna and anna calls me around 2:30 this afternoon. the show is cancelled. one of the band members is down with the flu. wtf?! a quick google search and sure enough, no show tonight. disappointed, you ask? does a lycanthrope get hairy in the moonlight? pissed off? i have to back off a bit. i relayed my little nick story about patrick star's good nature today a couple of times. i had to say it myself. easy come easy go. i don't have any control in the matter anyway. i'm just going to have to drown my sorrows with a few social d vids at youtube. because how it plays out in the end i'll always be under social d's thumb.


At 5:39 PM, Blogger Jim K. said...

Social D. has all these different
sounds spun up into them. Pretty
awesome. I always get a kick out
of their covers. The only
punk-redux band I know that was
actually there the first time too!

At 9:36 PM, Blogger richard lopez said...

absolutely, jim. i was talking to a friend a couple days ago about social d's sound. how mike ness isn't a great guitar player and the music is rather simple. but mike ness in his playing and the band in their sound encapsulates a timeless blues-centered rock&roll. if i can use a tired phrase, they are a meat and potatoes band. but the meat is choice cut and the potatoes are specially grown. they've been around since the early days of california hardcore, are still kicking it hard, and have tapped into that something other that is contemporaneous, old and timeless. that is a small reason why they are my favorite band.

At 9:34 AM, Blogger Jim K. said...

It's their ability to
project attitude.
That's the biggie that punk brings.

GreenDay is similar, in that you can
trace their influences, but they
have their own attitude.


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