Tuesday, June 28, 2011

once in a lifetime

it rained today. huge. cats & dogs. i was told that this is the 3rd time it had rained on june 28 since records were kept beginning 1870. didn't feel like a big deal. it did feel wet. very wet. i was soaked when i got home. luckily i was prepared and brought my rain gear. others thought that the most we'd get is a spattering of wet. or some precipitation that would evaporate before hitting the ground. they were the ones without jackets or umbrellas and did their best to walk as stoically as they could in the rain as if they had the power to divert the water and walk between the drops. not so. and just think, this weekend is the 4th of july. what with all this wet weather i had to check a map. make sure i didn't go into a fugue and find myself somehow in stockholm or london. neither did i find, as david byrne once sang, myself in a shotgun shack or in another part of the world. i'll take the reprieve from the heat. because it's supposed to get to the triple digits in time for the holiday weekend. i've been feeling a bit low the past week, a tad lost even. i hadn't written a word. the rain centered me and even, dare i add, caused a smile.


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