Monday, August 08, 2011

light in august

it is, so far, a very mild summer / you can count the number of triple digit days on one hand / usually by this time in the season / the city is under lockdown / shuttered windows / chugging air conditioners / pissed-off faces sweating and sweltering / beneath this meat-eating sun / not so for this year '11 / the light / o the light is changing from fluorescent to amber / walking thru midtown and downtown takes an added pleasure / when i look up and around to see how the light makes every thing and every one / just a bit more / pretty / so what the fuck / chuck / eat it up / i was reading the odes of horace this morning / horace reminds us that we all age get old then die / so drink the wine and love your honeys / because tomorrow gets here fast enough / and today is already gone


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