Monday, October 03, 2011

every day is halloween

i am a child of the 1970s. that era of macrame, disco balls, polyster, mutton chops and bad hair. it was also a time for the paranormal to creep in to pop culture. as a kid i soaked up that shit like a sponge. as an adult i should know better but i do love a good ghost story, ufo sighting and bigfoot lore.

particularly bigfoot. growing up we did a lot of camping in the sierra nevada mountains. every time we camped i kept my eye out for bigfoot, and my ears open and my nose trained toward catching anything stinky that was out of the ordinary. it is alleged that bigfoot stinks rather awful.

of course i never saw bigfoot or what might approximate any evidence of the existence of bigfoot. that hasn't stopped me looking. i still look. each time we drive to lake tahoe i am looking out of the corner of my eye for some large mammal that doesn't have a drink in its hand and is not pissed at losing in the casinos.

the most famous, er infamous, evidence of bigfoot is the patterson/gimlin film shot in 1967 in oregon. the film is fascinating to watch and there are many defenders today as there are detractors. i've watched many documentaries on television that keep this bit of film alive.

all the same, whether real or no it makes for interesting viewing during the scary season. it is the folklore of cryptids that hold my attention. the shaky cam, the grain of the film, the focus both blurry and clear. when we watch this film we are staring at ourselves. whether man or beast we do scare ourselves with our own desert places.



At 3:37 AM, Blogger Allen said...

My favourite cryptozoologic specimen is Mothman. West Virginia always feels like it's holding secrets anyway. Somehow M-man's tepid antics have been seen to prophesy disaster, but he could be a lot more straightforward about it. A part of me wants to throw sensible science at these things, but another part is ready for anything.

At 9:47 PM, Blogger richard lopez said...

same with me, allen, a large part of me knows that these things are utter bullshit, but then there is another large part of me that can't resist their lure. i don't believe in ufo's but i'm always looking into the skies, just in case.

mothman is an interesting cryptids. afraid i don't know much about him but for a few articles and a couple of tv docu's that have investigated the mothman phenomena.

i do want to do in and travel to the various odd spots in the u.s. such as the extra terrestial highway, area 51, accompany ghost hunters on their forays, etc. etc.

my wife just thinks i'm nuts for loving this stuff.


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