Sunday, November 27, 2011

la luz

hard to explain and harder still to remember

as i watched the opening to the mid-season stunner

walking dead

three things happened simultaneously

the cat screeched

the character on tv screamed

and the light flickered

not that i'm superstitious

it was the lamp flickering that threw me

like i was a character on one of those ghost shows

harbingers of a haunting

let it pass i told myself

and turned out the light

then in the middle of the show

a shadow larger than a cat

bigger even than a man

swept the top of the wall with the tv set

that gave me pause

because there were no lights on to cast a shadow

trained in the arts of the rational

it must be my own neurochemical makeup

how i woke to the blues

been blue all day

but for a long walk with anna and nick

and the attempt to keep the blues at bay


At 3:56 AM, Blogger Chef E said...

I am still enjoying 'walking dead'...a friend of mine said he felt it was the best written zombie plot yet... is live, let us know what you think as we move forward with little rigor setting in...

At 9:30 PM, Blogger richard lopez said...

thank you re for the poetry of the morti viventi.

i agree about the walking dead. i've read much criticism from the horror community about the show. some liken it to a soap opera with the living dead. that's what i dig about it. finally a drama about what and how people survive, cope and freak out about at the end of civilization. there are some drawbacks for the show, such as last night's telegraphed climax. yet i loved it. what i especially dig are those very brief intros about life as it was going to pot, such as the show that started when shane and lori were stuck in traffic waiting to get to atlanta, then they see the helicopters fly overhead and hear the bombs. god! i watched that seen several times!


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