Wednesday, December 28, 2011

lowering my standards

was what william stafford often said regarding his writing a daily poem. the question was, what if your writing wasn't so good on a given day. stafford answered, i lower my standards.

now that we are ending 2011 and entering 2012 [looks futuristic, don't it? i mean sci-fi movies and dystopian novels are set in years like 2012, right?! i'm still waiting for my time travel machine and my jetpack!] this is the time to reflect and offer up resolutions to better ourselves.

me, i'm taking stafford's advice. besides i'm not one for new year's resolutions because they always seem like bullshit to me. i plan on doing more of the same as i did this year. sure there are regrets. ain't there always regrets about say not writing more, publishing more, saying i love you more.

well now so maybe. at any rate, i do want to say i love you more, make more friends, get a fucking manuscript together and publish more. i also plan on taking more naps, go for longer walks, watch more movies, read until my eyeballs fall out, be a better partner to anna and a decent father for nick.

but i'm always thinking about those things. the manuscript thing's got me. i want to get enough work together and publish a chapbook. a readable chapbook. also, i want to collaborate more. and head down to sf and hang with hayes.

not much really. i wouldn't call this a list of resolutions. me being a personality type who is always looking to improve the self no matter the time of year. but yet still. . .there it is.

now now let's lookie see.


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