Tuesday, January 17, 2012


fascinated by 'marquee moon' by television

those hard, clean guitars by tom verlaine and richard lloyd

to wonder what is in a name, indeed

compared to such glorious sound

* * *

name? i mean didn't shakes ask is not a rose

still as sweet by any other name

i suppose because shakespeare didn't care

about the spelling of his own name

* * *

tom verlaine does since he named himself

after the french 19th century poet

lover of rimbaud and long the keeper of

ol' rimbe's flame

* * *

oh what is in a name indeed

since mine is so generic a shopper would

pass it by unnoticed if it were sitting on a store shelf

* * *

still there is a beauty in the anon

i am the voice of seven billion

i am a voice of seven billion

* * *

there is that lot of us, as whitman said

and all so luscious

* * *

i make shit up and go on


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