Friday, February 24, 2012

the academy awards

npr broadcast a story today about woody allen shunning the academy awards despite allen's numerous nominations and past wins. only allen knows why he avoids the awards like the plague. i remember when his film annie hall [1977] was up for several oscars and the big to do made over allen's non-appearance at the ceremony. if i recall allen was playing clarinet in his jazz ensemble and there was a camera crew to record his notable absence at the award ceremony.

the academy awards is broadcast this sunday. and i don't give a shit. when i was a lad i used to be a devout oscar watcher. i would watch the awards mostly for the movie clips because those were the pre-digital, pre-cable tv, days and the only way to see movie clips [especially if you are a rabid movie nut] in those days was during awards ceremonies like the oscars.

i don't think i've seen a single movie nominated for an oscar. perhaps it's because of orneriness. life is only so long, i have only so many hours to spend watching films. so i'll watch the movies that have my attention, that i'm obsessed with, and not the movies that have been nominated for a gold statue.

whatever reason allen avoids award ceremonies i share his aversion. awards? you've got to be kidding. who really is to judge? i remember watching c-span [for those outside the u.s. the 'c' stands for congress] channel when the national book awards were broadcast. i watched because poet hayden carruth was up for an award for a collection of his poetry. i've always like carruth. because on a very personal and extra-literary note carruth also suffered from panic disorder, like i do. anyway, carruth won the nba. guess what. he was no where to be seen. his stature rose a few cubits in my humble estimation.

besides, i'm doing my best to deconstruct my ego and to give a fuck about competition. i am non-competitive. or try to be. so awards are so much bullshit. well, okay, even so i had the same attitude last year and i watched the oscars anyway. so sue me. sometimes film geekdom trumps everything else.


At 8:56 AM, Blogger Jim McCrary said...

Richard....and then there is this, perhaps the most honest acceptance speech on record.

At 12:52 PM, Blogger Jim K. said...

hey...don't get mad..
the oscars are for a different
public level man

i think all the online blogonaughts
and myself have some kind of
sensitivity/anxiety thing
going on

At 2:04 AM, Blogger richard lopez said...

nothing wrong with thanking one's asshole. without it we all would be dead. tho i wonder why the snark for adult video awards. the oscars are just as silly. at least the avn is honest in its craziness. i think.

i'm not angry. at all. i do think awards are rather silly and not at all the reason why i watch movies, or read books, or, well, anything. my anxiety is organic and related to any other mental illness. awards are nice, i guess, but should not be a means to an end. i get it's about marketing, but marketing does not get my butt into the theaters. interesting, to me, films do. i don't care if the movies i like -- love -- garnered awards. at all. and i'm serious about practicing non-competitiveness. my practice makes me, i think, the least angry i can manage.

At 8:48 AM, Blogger Jim K. said...

beautiful first lines..

i understand the
competition/anonymity thing though:
what if great things die alone?

at least rediscovery has a place
in this web tsunami

i see some really great quirky
movies on DTV these days,
things i wish people noticed more


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