Monday, March 19, 2012

lina romay [1954-2012]

i'm surprised and shocked to learn tonight that long-time love and muse of spanish art-exploitation filmmaker jess franco, lina romay, died last month from complications of cancer at the very early age of 57. romay was a true exhibitionist and was the soul of franco's leering, beguiling cinema of the past 40 years. franco's films are an acquired taste, or perhaps, the taste of someone who has no taste. i wouldn't call myself a big fan but i think i own more films by franco in my collection than i do any other director. franco's career can be parcelled into two distinct categories, pre-romay and post-romay. the filmmaker's pre-romay films are often entrancing while the post-romay movies are entrancing, revolting and sometimes simply wild mindfucks. romay was a breathtaking actress in her daring and her bravery. she was also an utter beauty. franco and franco's camera loved her. i doubt there will be a post-romay portion of franco's career. you cannot perfect perfection.


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