Thursday, April 12, 2012

how do you say 'potato'?

it seems every one is reading the hunger games trilogy and raving about the movie of the same name. sure, the thought of teens trapped in a wooded area forced by an oppressive regime to kill each other until there is only one kid left standing appeals to my atavistic side. i haven't seen the movie -- yet -- nor read the books so i can't really comment about them. the idea of kids forced to kill for sport and entertainment is not new.

in 2000 a japanese flick called battle royale was released on a tender viewing public. the theme runs this way: japan is in economic, political and social turmoil. the government chooses a class of high school students, drops them on a remote island, puts explosive collars on their necks, gives them food and a weapon, and forces them to kill until one is left alive and declared the winner.

i've not seen this movie but have heard and read about it over the years. this flick was never released here in the u.s. too controversial even for violent u.s. standards, i guess. my times have indeed changed for the hunger games is the biggest grossing film this year. and now battle royale was just released on dvd and blu-ray. oh yeah, i wanna see this flick.

will br get the love that the hg is receiving? unlikely since americans really don't care for movies with subtitles. even if the pic is a bloody social satire. plus i have a bias for asian genre flicks. the originals, such as the grudge and the ring, are so much better than the american remakes. perhaps that's just me.

here's the trailer for the dvd release of br.


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