Friday, May 04, 2012

mca is dead long live mca

fucking hell. 

adam yauch died today at the age of 47. 

beastie boys was a formative influence in my life.  i first knew them as a punk band.

then in i think 1982 or '83 a friend who was way into rap put on what i think might be def jam's first release, an untitled e.p. by the beastie boys.  fucking blew my and my pals' minds. 

then there was the full-length lp license to ill.  which launched them to superstardom. 

the raps on that lp was all frat-boy goofiness.

the boys grew up and made a full-blown masterpiece, paul's boutique.

mca developed into a buddhist. 

the boys never lost, i think, their coolness and cred.

at least for me.

i'm in shock.

below is the first song off that untitled def jam e.p.

put on your head phones.  and prepare to have your mind blown.


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