Wednesday, May 30, 2012

summer flix

when the weather turns hot i think of drive-in movies.  summer movies.  now that's a title for a book SUMMERS FOR THE DRIVE-IN.  or something.  like that.  below is the trailer for a movie that i must've seen at the drive-in.  or i've seen so many movies like it at the drive-in that this particular flick is tattooed in the grey matter as a summer drive-in movie.  this pic is directed by al adamson whose talent for making bad movies is legendary.  adamson's films are actually collages of a bunch of different reels shot over several years.  sometimes he used the same cast for one type of movie.  sometimes not.  dracula vs. frankenstein [1971] -- i'm sure i've posted this trailer before, but what the hell, it's so much a part of my summertime dna -- was one such movie that was anti-crafted over a few years.  i love the cheapness of the film stock and the muted colors.  i admire how the trailer is cut and the way film stills and live action are woven together indicating the poverty of the producers of this movie.  every time i see the blood reds of the title sequence i am transported to a summer night at the drive-in.  the eternal drive-in of the exploitation mind.


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