Friday, August 10, 2012

san francisco days/sacramento nights

got off the train after spending a few day in sf and fucking a!  the triple digits hit me like a nuclear bomb.  i'm a native sac-tan so 100 plus degrees is not unknown to me in august but being in the bay area where the skies were sunny and the days in the hight 60s and lo 70s -- in other words, a kind of paradise -- that to be out of 100 degrees even for a few days is a shock to the systems.

in sf: hung out with jonathan hayes and his wife yuki; went to the sfmoma where i did see the cindy sherman exhibit but was blown away by a few joseph cornells, a few paul klees, and a small display of sf diy artists dubbed THE MISSION SCHOOL particularly the work of rigo 23 who photographed flyers for lost kittens then sent those pics to his grandmother -- if i remember this right -- for her to sew those pics into frabrics for display; ate lots, drank lots; fell in love with the sounds of the city, again; i am a walker and sf is a city made for shoes as i explored many parts of the city on foot without realizing the distance i covered.

i am glad to be home.  sf is a gorgeous city.  sac is my home.  both cities need not be jealous of each other.  i am in love with that lot of them, and all so luscious.


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