Monday, September 24, 2012

everyday is halloween

cutting trailers to movies is an art form too.  sometimes the trailers transcend their movies.  a few are too modest in their claims.  while other trailers mislead their viewers by either leaving the good stuff out or putting all of the good stuff from a movie in. 

then there are trailers for exploitation movies.  these are cuts from movies designed to shock people into theaters.  every now and then a movie is larger than its exploitation roots.  take for example the trailer for george a. romero's zombie film night of the living dead [1968].  the trailer is cut with all sorts of ghouls and grotesques.  the movie is a cultural revolutionary.  romero's vision of a new society consuming the older society is the lodestar for every zombie movie ever made.  upon its release in 1968 the world was in upheaval.  imagine seeing this trailer at your local drive-in.  then imagine the following saturday night when you and a few friends see the movie at the drive-in.  imagine then driving home in the dark after puking your guts out thinking what might lurk beyond the shadows made by the hi-beams of your car.



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