Wednesday, January 23, 2013

a place to write

thinking of the ideal place to write means too a place to think.  that place is any where.  i love lots of downtime.  daydream time.  i love being surrounded by books.  i still have a love affair with libraries.  being in those stacks making one discovery after another.  i've never written in a library.  in a library i am a reader.  robert lowell wrote in longhand prone on his bed.  a couple weeks ago i read a short interview with a young poet who was asked where he does his writing.  the poet uploaded a picture of his laptop on his bed.  i tried writing in my bed.  can't do it.  i have no set rituals.  i tried making a few but came up with nothing because i did something different each time i tried.  i write when i have a spare moment in my notebook at work.   mandelstam wrote with his 'moving lips' as he walked he composed his verses.  i am too a walker but i don't write with 'moving lips'.  when i walk i tune in to the sounds of the street and the city.  there are usually three or four songs on loop within my brainpan.  words, yes, lines too, or paragraphs, but hardly ever anything gets transcribed to ink or pixels.  walking time is daydream time.  it is a place to think.  but not a place to write.  sometimes when i try to write words are not forthcoming.  when i give up on trying words appear.  words are not ego.  they are something else.  i am attempting expression but not always my own biography.  when i give in and up i cease not to seek.  i relax and invite words.  a place to write is any where i am comfortable.  where i can express my gratitude, and sometimes bitch-a-tude, in this thing called being alive. 


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