Saturday, March 09, 2013

albums that changed my life

Walk Among Us

punk music and horror movies?  are you kidding me!! 

30 years ago the misfits helped created the sub-genre horror-punk.  their tunes were so cartoon silly and grotesque, their image was so cool, and their sound was catchy that it seemed for a while many punk bands joined in the fray and started writing songs about monsters, goblins and sex with the dead. 

but it is the misfits led by glenn danzig, who with his deep voice and elvis presley-like persona, that did it, if not first, then the best.  b-movie horror and melodic hardcore punk were a perfect marriage.  the misfits brought to fruition my own obsession of movies and music.  how could i not fall in love.

i remember where i was when i first heard the record.  i was 15 and hanging out in a house filled with older punks who had as their sound system a piece of shit cassette player.  most punks didn't have, or couldn't afford, good stereo units so a piece of shit cassette player was nearly the standard listening system most of the punks i knew used.  i was spending the day at this house because i was waiting to see the circle jerks perform at the little hall located in mckinley park across the street. 

the tunes are sing-a-long and catchy as hell.  the lyrics are funny once you get past their obcene surfaces.  for example the song 'Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight' is full-bore thrash that will have you tapping your feet.  but the lyrics are so googoogaga out-there that you feel like you've stepped into a funhouse with those crazy mirrors.  for all its affront and disorientation you can't take it seriously.

i still have the vinyl LP i bought 30 years ago.  i haven't listened to the vinyl for many many years because i don't have a record player.  i do have a cd that my great friend b. burned for me.  the cd is at work where i listen to it with volume down low.  if these songs are silly even sillier still is a 40-something old punk humming tunes about astro-zombies and a devil's whorehouse at his desk and not finding it ironic at all. 


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