Thursday, April 11, 2013

it was a great show.  the venue was one of the best i've been in.  the band, the postal service, was top notch.  last night was their second performance of their tour.  we sat in the third row so close to the stage we could nearly reach out and touch the band members.  the acoustics were fantastic.  the postal service released their album give in ten years ago on subpop records.  the group was conceived as a one-off side project by its members who each lead their own very successful bands.  the album was immensely popular.  it struck a chord with its listeners who hold it in a very dear place.  thus it is for us.  anna was pregnant with nick and the postal service was the soundtrack.  nick grew up with their music.  he has his own favorite songs.  it was only natural that we would bring him to the concert.  the band gave me the most pleasurable chills.  like i was transported yet grounded by their grooves.  the music and performance was so good i had tears in my eyes. 


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