Sunday, May 26, 2013

nicely done

the day was a vacillation between being grumpy pissed-off-ness and hey-man-it's-a-great-day.  which won?  nick, anna and i took a long walk to the local trader joe's.  we did a little grocery shopping in addition to getting some serious steps in because trader joe's is nearly a mile away.  this was in the evening.  the light at dusk, california light, can't be beat.  gorgeous!  by the time we returned home my pissed-off-ness shut off and firmly turned to its-a-great-day. 

not that that is news.  i mean who cares if one is grumpy or happy.  right.  still, i do think to acknowledge the gift of living requires humility and gratitude.  so today depite a base need to remain angry turned instead to a greater good.  we watched one of those halloween specials i had dvr'd in the fall -- a travel channel tour of halloween haunted houses and pumpkin carvings -- and i'm telling you, man, halloween imagery simply pushes my relax and pleasure buttons. 

then yesterday i was rereading a little anselm hollo from his selected poems, sojourner microcosms [blue wind press, 1977], and found this little tidbit from a long poem paramecia:

     purposeful matter hovers in the dark.

that is a mis-quote, and rebuke to, the existential thom gunn who concluded his poem 'the annihilation of nothing':

     purposeless matter hovers in the dark.

nicely done, hollo.  life is what you make it.  two different poets and two differing views.  but both are astonishing in their verve and hunger for experience and life.  not that i can connect these two poets other than in my mind.  as for my own wild domestic bohemia it is nourished by differing perspectives that help to create itself.


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