Saturday, June 08, 2013


i'm a bit of a fan of the new alt-lit writers led by tao lin and steve roggenbuck.  roggenbuck particularly is an enthusiast for life and uses the above-referenced word all the time.  yolo is a county just across the sacramento river.  i had no idea what roggenbuck et al. meant by it.  i just learned yolo is the initials for YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE. 

obviously.  we need to be hit over the head with the obvious every now and then.  roggenbuck could be accused of lacking irony and distance in his writing and living.  the dude seems to grab life by the cojones and love it till it bleeds. 

why not.  i think perhaps i might be accused of being too optimistic and joyful too.  but when will you get another shot at this thing called life.  our lives are boiled down to moments and they pass and you won't have another one. 

even when i battle the blues i remember that this life is the only one.  what we do with it is what matters.  take if from an old man born during the hippie era called the summer of love.  you only live once.  do with it what you will.  


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