Wednesday, June 04, 2014

i didn't do nothing last night but watch TV.  it was a TV night.  i was bone dead tired from spinning out at work that when i got home i sat with anna and nick and watched a little TV.  when they went to bed i normally turn the TV off and read and/or write for a little while.  but not last night.  strictly TV.  you can't blame me.  we have a DVR that records our favorite shows.  we are long time satellite TV subscribers so you have a trillion channels.  and now we got ourselves an Roku, an online streaming device with dozens of specialty channels that cater to every fetish and genre known to humankind.  shit, i need 12 lifetimes now to watch all this cool shit.

i turned on the Roku and scrolled thru a couple of channels.  hundreds of movies and TV shows to choose from.  and here i found on the documentary channel a sweet little film about the famous ferus gallery located in los angeles.  the ferus artists, like ken price and ed ruscha, took what they needed from hot rod culture, movies, marcel duchamp, abstract expressionism, and a hodge podge of lots of other influences to make their pieces and put ferus gallery, and los angeles, on the art map.

but i confess, i fell asleep watching the documentary.  not because it was boring.  the pic is fascinating.  i fell asleep because it was late and i was spun.  anyway, included in the ferus documentary is a favorite painter of mine, billy al bengston.  old man hip dude and flashy dresser bengston makes aging look cool.  below is a short interview with the artist along with a few stills of his pieces.  this interview is not from the documentary.  i can't remember the name of the flick but it had 'cool guy's in the title.  but here you have a taste of his personality and a glimpse of his work.

now i just need to get hold of my peeps at MIT to start their research giving each of us 12 lives so we can have time enough at last.



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