Monday, July 28, 2014

a little less than an hour ago i was at the grocery store for a few necessities.  the lines at the checkout counters were long.  the wait wasn't so bad.  instead of scanning the celebrity rags i did a little people watching.  it was easy.  because nearly everyone near me had their heads down staring at their phones.  it was a tableaux vivant of digital cultures.  this is not a material world, by the grace of madonna, anymore.  it is an etherized world of algorithms and binary codes.  it's a digital world.

one must adapt.  right.

let me add the news that a poem by me and lars palm is up and published at william allegrezza's journal moss trill.  nine bows to my partner lars for his brilliant poetry and mr. allegrezza for accepting our work.

and dig this video of my brother in rhyme jonathan hayes reading two poems, one of which has a familiar name in the title.




At 1:51 PM, Blogger Ed Baker said...

nice piece , y'all's, in 'moss trill'
I like Bill's attitude... the "clean" way that he presents things.

via his Moria Poetry Press and now this Moss Trill.

in y'alls poem... what does the "r" mean in the line:

"rejects its r" ?

(I also have a piece recently uo in Moss Trill"

cheers, Ed

At 11:09 PM, Blogger richard lopez said...

hi ed:

take away the 'r' from 'revolution' and the word becomes 'evolution'.

i've read your great piece, and i mean that word, great, here and in otoliths. yours is the kind of poetry i want to write -- when i grow up.

funny that notion, 'growing up.' i'm three years away from 50 and i feel still that i have a lot of growing and learning to do. that i don't have my 'legs' yet.

should that always be so?

At 12:55 PM, Blogger Ed Baker said...

wel, Richard<

that's a nice thing to say.... and send my way,

as for getting/having your "legs"

you're not gaining to find the
via sitting in front of a computer
and traveling via it/ the net...

too large of a boring crowd...
as you know ( I hope) that
NOTHING ever happens in a crowd.

as for
"growing and learning" ?

and tha "should" ?

drop the conditional
and it s conditions

let the weeds grow.... you'll be
as I've been .... at the pretty flowers weeds have....

and the few bees left in the world....... love them flowers.

cheers, Ed


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