Friday, October 24, 2014

everyday is halloween
it is full-bore scary season at casa de lopez/bronson.  we just returned from the annual haunted house hosted by nick's school.  the 6th graders are in charge of building, maintaining and staffing the haunted house.  they did a good job too.  a couple of sets were quite creepy.  the decorations used in the sets, like skulls and witches's cauldrons, reminded me of the same decorations used at the professional haunt i toured last week.  perhaps the reason for the identical decorations is a paucity of ideas for halloween?  or the ubiquity of the same designs that have become cliche?

at any rate, below is a video from 1942 of a trio of teen-age sisters, the brian sisters, performing the halloween ditty, 'the boogie woogie man'.   their harmonies are spot on.  their style of singing was very much the fashion of their time.  like the style of singing that is popular of our time.  or the time of the 1980s when the neo-romantic sound produced male singers who sang in an emotional, deep resonate voice.  think OMD, Tears for Fears, etc etc.  the fact of the matter is that one can only be of the time we belong.  as much as we wish to transcend our era our era makes us as we create it.  if you don't like what's happening with the era, and society, and want to change it first start with the person you face every day in the mirror.



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