Saturday, November 22, 2014

everybody wants to be an individual and recognized as unique.  as long as they fit into their tribe.  nothing wrong with both needs.  i got this frisson when i looked around the three long lines at safeway last night.  i usually stop at the grocery store after work to pick up varied groceries and sundries.  friday night was the usual madness inside the store.  people were queued up with their goods, and because it was friday night those goods were mostly beer and liquor.  as i looked at individuals doing their best to maintain their patience while waiting their turns i saw that many wore my kind of shoes.  many men wore their hair much like mine.  many people were buying the same kind of stuff.  didn't matter if we were close in age or not.  we all wore some kind of uniform, consciously or not.  and then i thought, fuck it.  why worry about being an individual.  if your own self is similar to others, big freaking deal.  that is why i've always thought of myself as a derivative poet.  i am an accretion of all the writers i've read and loved.  and if people don't get it, like why you write and read poetry, who cares.  i was watching no reservations with anthony bourdain.  bourdain was in hawaii and met with an ancient surfer.  the surfer possessed a beautiful face, weather-beaten and gnarled, grooved by sun and seasalt, with framed by long, thing grey hair.  the dude retreated from the rat race so he could simplify his life, so he could live to surf.  when bourdain asked the surfer if he cared what other people may think about him and his life choices the old dude said, if you worry about what others may think of you then you are hemmed in by your own life.  i will add to that.  other than your responsibilities of being a good person and citizen you shouldn't care too much what others may think of you.  your obsessions and passions must be the driving force in your life.  a life in poetry, a poetic life, is i think behaving well, not being an asshole, being a good person, and making and reading poetry even if few can understand your choices.  even if you dress and look like other people.  for you may be one of your tribe but your are thoroughly you and thru and by your own self you are given the greatest gifts: life and choices.  your life depends upon it.  


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