Tuesday, December 23, 2014


the reason why i love the TV show californication starring david duchovny as the often soused novelist hank moody is because moody is a good father to his daughter.  he screws up big time.  a lot of the time.  yet moody is a good person who is loyal to his family and friends.  so when i watched the premier for season three the other night it begins with moody falling asleep while in the arms of a young woman.  the woman is mighty miffed about that.  moody awakes with a start and explains to his date, sorry, but it is exhausting making sure becca [his daughter] takes showers, get dressed, make lunches, drop her off at school, pick her up at school, prepare reasonably healthy dinners, and monitor her texting and internet activities, i hardly have time to get high myself!

i fucking love that guy!  family is what matters the most to me, and that is why this show resonates with me.  the dude, a very flawed man, is a father first.  i so dig that.

so my writing has slowed apace a bit.  i work all day, am a father to nick and husband to anna, and so when i get home and spend a couple of hours with my family i sometimes wanna watch a bit of TV or a slip of a movie or simply crawl into bed with a stack of books.

well then, so what.  poems get written.  and read.  blog posts too.  correspondence as well.  if a bit slower.

tonight is the eve of christmas eve.  i wish all of you, and your families, a very merry christmas.  i leave you with what i think is the greatest christmas song ever composed, performed and recorded, 'fairytale of new york' by the pogues with the late great kirsty maccoll.  this song is a work of utter genius.


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