Tuesday, January 27, 2015

bits & pieces

jonathan hayes sent me the latest edition of his long running journal over the transom #26 and it is just brilliant.  i was bone-tired on saturday and after a cub scout function i got home and found this mag in the mail.  regular snail mail.  like a miracle!  wanted to take a little nap, because, you know, like, i'm old.  instead i read thru ott straight and was so jazzed i could not sleep.  favorites out of this issue is an essay by mel. c. thompson, two art reviews by paul murphy, two poems by peter case [yes, that one, of the plimsouls fame], three poems by klipschutz, and a poet new to me, waka murata of tokyo, japan.  this is the good stuff.  support the small presses.  great job brother hayes.

* * *

i recently wrote about my friend in art and life, alex gildzen, paring down the things in his life  i am the lucky recipient of one of those things.  a matchbook from alex's large collection of match books.  the book is from pacific dining car restaurant in l.a.  it's a lovely gift.  and just my size!  thank you, maestro.

* * *

i read at the sacrament poetry center last night.  there was a last minute cancellation and my friend tim kahl asked if i could read.  i said, yes!  had a blast.  i think i rocked the audience's socks off.  any hoot, it was fun and getting out of my comfort zone and get out among people is very important.  thanks to the sac poetry scene and esp. thank you, mr. kahl.

* * *

i am deep in my interview with german buddhist poet stefan hyner.  i'm having a blast and getting a serious education too.  i don't wana say too much but i am very excited by this interview.

* * *

finally you can show an old dog new [or not so new] things.  nick introduced me to the song 'three little birds' by bob marley today.  beautiful song.  because marley says, 'every little thing is going to be all right.'


At 7:43 AM, Blogger Alex Gildzen said...

I'm still sending out matchbooks. but the BIG business stretches before me like a desert. I'm impatient but it's taken me many decades to accumulate all this stuff.


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